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Privacy and Terms

Privacy   We take privacy seriously, like everybody should. Any personal information you may reveal when dealing with us at any point from your initial queries about our services to making the deal and possible feedback afterwards, will remain fully confidential. The only exception is if you specifically give us your permission for e.g. marketing purposes. All data on our customers will be kept as secure as possible. Given the vulnerabilities of any computerised system and the skills of some crackers to find their way into any system (including those of FBI and NASA, over the past few years), we shall not be liable for any information lost due to illegal action against our computer systems.

Payments   A proper payment system is being established. Until it is in effect all payments must be made in cash or by a check. First half of the payment must be made at the time of entering into a contract, the second half when service has been delivered. Due date for the second payment is in two weeks since the service has been delivered in full, unless otherwise has been agreed. Payments pending after the due date will be treated as the law allows. Full payment of talks and presentations is due at the time when the talk begins.

Cancellations   If a service is cancelled more than 24 hours before the time of service, all money paid in advance will be returned except for incurred expenses (often none or very little). If a service is cancelled within the last 24 hours before the time of service, Drakanon LLC reserves the right to deduct 50% of the money paid in advance, in addition to incurred expenses, and will return the rest. If a service is rescheduled within the last 48 hours before the time of service, Drakanon LLC reserves the right to charge up to 50% extra due to possible loss of income due to cancellation.

Terms   The very first thing to mention is that we do not hide behind incomprehensible legal gibberish. We try to express our terms in the same way as any normal person would explain things to any other normal person.

We at Drakanon LLC do our best to keep any accidents from happening. Fortunately we do not serve beverages of any temperature, but you never know if a data projector short-circuits and catches fire or anything else like that. We are not liable for any damage caused by external factors or "stupid accidents". We are liable if we knowingly cause damage or ignore proper safety measures.

By using our services you accept that our liability is limited to the actual losses you suffer from our inability to provide the services that were agreed upon, should anything like that ever happen — or more accurately the losses as they are or would have been if you did everything in your power to minimise the losses. You also accept that a solution to the liability issues will be found in a collaborative manner, including experts in law only if a suitable agreement or compromise can not be reached in mutual negotiations.

To summarise: Don't misuse our products in any way. and please, use common sense in any situation (whether it has anything to do with Drakanon LLC or not).

Not like this!

Dr. Rekola: "When I was still living in Europe, we heard some lady in the US had spilled scaldingly hot coffee over her own lap. Even though we were terribly sorry for her painful accident, we laughed our heads off that she had actually sued somebody over the accident. We shook our heads in disbelief when we heard she was awarded a compensation of millions of dollars, for her own mistake. We sighed deep in relief when we heard this was just an urban myth – to some degree."

The point of the story above is that if you are sitting in a car, whether it moves or not, it is really only a stupid accident if you manage to spill the contents of a flimsy styrofoam cup on your lap. Coffee is hot (whether it is 140°F or 190°F) and removing the lid in such an environment is literally calling for an accident to happen.

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