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Copyright Notice!

This applies to all photos and text on the Drakanon LLC web pages, and all other web pages operated by Rami T. F. Rekola, unless otherwise stated on any of the pages.

All the material (photos, art, text, and computer programmes) on these web pages is subject to normal copyright laws. With this web page I, Rami Rekola, guarantee everybody a right to view all the material on any of my web pages and download it to any computer via the Internet if the following rule is followed to the letter:

No material on any of my web pages may be used for any commercial purpose, or for any purpose that involves a payment being transferred from one person, organisation, commercial business, or administrative agency to another, in any form (including barter to any other commodity (whether material or immaterial), debt, favour, and/or currency of any country, political region, or organisation).

If anything from my web pages is downloaded to any computer, the person who does so is responsible of the material and that everybody else, who may or may not use the same computer, follows the abovementioned rule as well.

If, however, someone finds anything on my web pages necessary or interesting for any kind of commercial use, contact me for an express written permission to use the material.

Summary: No commercial use of my photos or other stuff is allowed. Otherwise you are totally free to view and download everything.

Did you know...

...that you can purchase almost any photo shown on these web pages in a high-resolution print in a regular or large size. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Drakanon watchtower