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Educational Services

Educational services are in the heart of Drakanon LLC. This page lists currently available services:


Are you a high school or college student trying to make sense of some of the course material that eludes all logic. Or are you a parent of one. Don't worry. Drakanon LLC can help! A tutor can help you understand the tricky bits you missed in the classroom and felt embarrassed about asking before other students.

Topics currently offered for tutoring include astronomy, physics, mathematics, world history and European history.


Price includes travel costs of the tutor within Lehigh and Northampton Counties, PA. Otherwise actual travel costs will be added to the bill. Ask also for possibilities of Skype tutoring.


Are you a high school principal with an astronomy course that was designed 20 years ago by a space enthusiast physics teacher, who graduated from college in 1984. Don't kill the messenger, but about 99% of the content of that course is obsolete and possibly 50% absolutely incorrect. Drakanon LLC can help! We can either design a new course for you or assist your current astronomy teacher in updating the information and topics (as a 20 year old course misses even some of the mainstream topics in modern astronomy).


As each of these kinds of problems is completely unique, we shall provide you a cost estimate after the first consultation on the matter. Typically you can expect a consulting fee of US$ 150-250 per hour. Cost of entire courses will be calculated depending on their contents.


Maybe your school does not have qualified staff for teaching astronomy, or the current staff is too busy with other duties. Maybe you are interested in a new topic that would be too cumbersome to do yourself. Drakanon LLC can help! Avoid difficult bureaucracy in hiring a teacher and buy the teaching as a service from us.

List of Courses



...is the key to success in education. An experienced teacher and hard work (practice) will give any student readiness to tackle any problem within the topic and, often, in life.

Dr Rekola lecturing

Dr Rekola is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), which is No. 1 Online Educator in the USA according to U.S. News & World Report. He was trained as an online teacher by the ERAU specialists and therefore he has cutting-edge knowledge of current online teaching methods and teaching in general.

Dr Rekola teaching in Tuorla Dr Rekola teaching at the NOT

Dr Rekola has taught at the University of Turku, the Finnish TSYK high school in Turku, and a junior high school for children with learning disabilities. He has designed a programme to take groups of talented high school students to the island of La Palma, Spain, where they make observations with the 2.56-metre Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT). He carried the programme out nine times before moving to the USA.

Dr Rekola lecturing