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Welcome to Drakanon!

This is the home page of Drakanon. It is operated by Dr Rami Rekola, PhD, FRAS, who is a professional astronomer, photographer, educator and entrepreneur.

Drakanon offers several services. The core services are in education, but do check out the photographic and travel services, too. The complete list of services is: education consulting, science teaching and tutoring, wedding and industrial photography, web page and logo design, magazine layout design, proof reading, travel guide services, and inspirational talks on astronomy and other topics for the general audience.

Even if you are not looking for any of the mentioned services at this time, please stay a while and enjoy some of the photos displayed in the Graphical Services section.

Thank you for visiting and have a good day!


Drakanon was a watchtower and signal tower on the island of Ikaria in the ancient times. The name is derived from ancient Greek verb δέρκομαι (dérkomai) that means "see clearly". The tower is depicted in the top left corner of this page, the logo of Drakanon and below, in a photo from Ikaria.

Drakanon watchtower