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Other Services, Etc.

The core services of Drakanon LLC are in education and photography. This page lists the other services available from Drakanon LLC:

Proofreading and Typing Services

Sometimes you can not simply rely on the spell checking of your favourite document writing programme. Especially if you have scientific text that needs to be submitted to a journal or publisher, you may need something much more potent. Let us check your document for typing errors and problematic grammar, or do the typing for you if you only have a handwritten manuscript.


Base price includes postage and processing fees, up to 2 pounds of weight. Sender is responsible for the postage of original material when sending it to Drakanon. If customer requests insurance for the return posting, the cost of insurance will be added to the final bill.

Inspirational Talks

These talks are not full of equations and hard core science beyond anybody's understanding. The talks are aimed at everybody and will always be delivered at a level agreed with the customer. The talks are typically designed to be 45–90 minutes long, excluding the time for questions and answers, but can be modified to almost any length between 20 minutes and two hours.

Besides the topics presented here, you are most welcome to request a tailored topic of your own. Many of the topics on the list began as tailored talks in the past. Topics close to astronomy are easier to put together and hence will be less expensive.

List of Talks


Base price includes travel costs of the presenter within Lehigh and Northampton Counties, PA, USA. Otherwise actual travel costs will be added to the bill. Base price includes also 15 minutes for questions and answers. Additional time for questions and answers will add an extra US$ 3.00 per minute.

A promotional talk includes material promoting the products, services or ideology of the customer, so long as they are not in violation of those of the presenter or any applicable laws.

Star Charts

As a professional astronomer Dr Rekola makes accurate star charts for all your needs. They make perfect gifts for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and for instance anniversaries of founding dates of corporations.

Each star chart comes with a sheet that explains the contents, highlights the constellations, gives the positions of planets and lists other astronomically interesting information.

Star charts are sent by post printed on high quality paper. Price per star chart is US$ 250.00, inclusive of 1st class postage in US and Europe. If you need more than one of the same star chart, the cost of the second is US$ 80, the third US$ 50, and each after that US$ 30.

Travel Guiding

Dr Rekola is an expert of the island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain, and is happy to organise special guided programmes on the island. Please, contact Drakanon LLC for further information.


...is what it is all about.
Dr Rekola's parents had a printing/publishing house when he was growing up. He learned all the tricks of the trade there. Additionally he has served as an editor and even editor-in-chief of various publications. He has always been talented and interested in languages. He is fluent in English and Finnish and speaks also French, Spanish, Swedish, and a little Latin. He is currently learning Greek.

Dr Rekola has given over a hundred public talks and presentations in Finnish and in English. He has been the tour guide for groups visiting Tuorla Observatory, Finland, and guided high school students on the island of La Palma, Spain.

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