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Graphical Services

Graphical services are an integral part of Drakanon LLC. The services include:

Wedding Photography

A wedding is one of the most important events in life. Besides memories in the mind there are memories in the form of photographs to treasure for years and decades to come. Hopefully. Some photographers do their best to spoil those memories. Tilted photos! Photos from the floor lever up! Agonising poses! More tilted photos! Photos from wrong directions, strange compositions, unflattering shadows!

If you want a photographer who works with you, respects your wishes, and is just as invisible as you prefer, contact Drakanon. We support your happy memories with steady, high-quality photography, taken with state-of-the-art equipment and good taste.


Base price includes a minimum set of photographs (wedding ceremony: 100, wedding party: 300, the whole day: 500) delivered both in print (4"×6") and in digital format. If you need help with other products, we are happy to assist for a modest fee.

Additionally we can design a layout for a picture book. Our current rate is US$ 250.00 for photos we have taken. If you would like us to design a picture book using photos from somebody else, the rate is US$ 500.00. Printing the books will be charged separately.

Industrial Photography

If you need an impressive selection of photos of your manufacturing facility and/or products, contact Drakanon LLC. We shall make a target plan with you and take the photos you need. The photos will be delivered both in print (4"×6") and in digital format. If you need help with other products, we are happy to assist for a modest fee. Each case has individual needs so pricing has to be set in the initial consultation. A regular rule-of-thumb is that besides a base price of US$ 500.00 the work will be charged for at US$ 200.00 per hour plus all travel expenses.

Web Page Design

If you need a web site that is stylish, loads fast even with lower Internet transfer speeds, and works in all web browsers that support web standards, contact Drakanon LLC for a quote. For an additional fee we shall also maintain your web site and update it as needed.

Dr Rekola has had web pages since 1993, when the "the world's first popular browser", Mosaic, was released. He has made thousands of web pages and designed web sites for e.g. Tuorla Observatory, Tuorla Planetarium, Tuorlan Astronomical Society, Nordic Network of Astrobiology, Metalli-Pori (a Finnish company), besides the numerous sites of his own.

Guarantee: no scripts, ever! If you are more technologically savvy, you know that most web designers use scripts here, there and everywhere, even to create menus or display images. Scripts are to web pages as steam engines are to cars – heavy and cumbersome, and completely unnecessary. Most things people do with scripts can be done with proper management of HTML code and CSS. The things that can not be done with them are simply not needed (with the exception of some security features in more complicated web designs). Do note that Dr Rekola uses Google Analytics scrips on his own web pages for statistical purposes, but these scripts have nothing to do with functionality of the pages.

Guarantee: no web design software, ever! Most web designers use commercial, or free, software to design and implement web pages. These programmes create a complete mess and web page validators immediately find tens, even hundreds of errors on such pages. Errors in HTML and CSS may render your treasured web pages incomprehensible in some web browsers. We write the code for all web pages by hand and validate them each time a change is made. There is never an error on a web page we design.

Graphic Design

Posters, magazines, name cards, logos – you name it. We make it.

Contact us for a quote.


...is everything when it comes to photography and artistic work, such as graphic design.

Helsinki wedding Vermont wedding

Dr Rekola has photographed weddings since 1990's (top photo). His latest were in Hawai'i and Vermont (bottom photo).

Dr Rekola and camera

Dr Rekola has taken hundreds of thousands of photographs, many of which have been published in Finnish media.

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